Project Description


a film by Jasper Coppes

Between the great stories of colonization, neoliberalism and climate change, Aasivissuit forms a picture of the Greenland ecology consisting of ravens, melting ice, sediment and Inuit. These protagonists cannot be controlled by the dominant stories about their world. Aasivissuit makes us experience how deep strata of the earth are connected to distant coasts and how present, past and future blend together in a world where human and non-human protagonists coexist.

To make this entanglement visible, the film is seeking dialogue with local inhabitants of Greenland who know this landscape better than anyone else. Through the conversations with these experiential experts, unexpected forces of the landscape emerge such as that Greenland’s mountains still grow.

First presentation of the project at Scheepvaartmuseum

Aasivissuit is supported by crowdfunding, AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts), Netherlands Film Fund, Mondriaan Fund, Greenland Lottery Fund